Latest Works

René Magritte

This ‘Australian Wildlife’ series.

” Icons Revisited “

This ‘Australian’ series is inspired by the bush.

“ This collection of Owls or should I say, silent observers, symbolises wisdom, clear vision, and insight. I just love them for their beauty.”

The beetles in this extensive series (at present 160 – June 2018) are inspired by a Christmas beetle I found while walking my dog Yoko. It’s vibrant colour and miniaturised perfection appealed to me.

In some previous series of works, I have been drawn to small objects found in the environment, such as Casuarina seed pods, Gumnuts and leaves.  Other influences such as jewellery, The House of Faberge and Egyptian scarabs have had an impact. Many people are attracted to the large Vistas, the traditional landscapes, skies, etc.

I to enjoy these, However, in recent years it is the small overlooked objects in our environment that have caught my eye. I am not sure, but I think whether this preoccupation with the small, is a reaction to how I feel about our society. I have always supported the underdog, and the less powerful.

This gum nut series consists of approximately 50 images. The titles suggest the series was inspired by one single Gum Nut from an aerial perspective.

This Sheoak series consists of approximately 25 images. 

This Lilly Pad series consists of 4 images.