Every time our children do something for the first time, we always recognize that specials moment as an important milestone. We make sure we capture that precious moment. So, when our children begin to show their creative side, we value these creations as a great treasure. As a parent, I too, cherished those first drawings and wanted to keep them forever as a record. It was for me but also for my child.

It is possible to not only keep them but to create a mural for the wall of their bedroom. It can feature your child’s especially loved toys, characters, books, their own artwork and even a portrait of your child within the design.
Miraculously, it can be simply peeled off, reapplied or stored many times as you move bedrooms or home.

The art leaves no residue on walls unlike a frieze or wallpaper.

It will become a family heirloom to be treasured and many years later it can even adorn the bedroom wall of your children’s children.


Meet with parent and child, then work out where and how large the mural will be. There are a number of options in this regard.

Parent and child would work together with me, through the questions on mural content.

I would encourage the parent to be present during the construction / drawing of the mural. This would be beneficial to help the child relax , and the parent would gain insight into how their child interacts in a learning and creative exercise. I would envisage this taking place in the home of the child.

It may take two visits to complete the drawing as I don’t want the child to get stressed by working to long in one stint.

Ninety percent of the mural would be created by the child and I would be making suggestions as the work progresses. It must be understood that the child would have the final say about everything, colours subject etc.

I would, with the permission of the parent, take a photo of the child to be used to produce a portrait of the young artist within the work. I can also place a grow chart within the mural. If text is required I would take the responsibility for this. ( Names etc ).
The child would get to work with a professional artist, get to understand the basics of a digital drawing skill and gain what could become, a family heirloom.

The material we use to produce the mural on, is Greenguard certified, ( inside air quality certified, Photex-OPA is PVC free and is non-toxic and can be used in schools and hospitals ).It is also removed by simply peeling off leaving no residue. Alphabet and/or spelling wall art can also be added.


It would be a great aid to know the following answers to the questions below. This would help with discussion with the child, who’s mural we will be working on. It would not be necessary to answer all these questions, and other questions and ideas you think could be interesting, would be welcome.

1) My favorite things

  • Food
  • Veggie
  • fruit
  • Toys
  • Games
  • Sport

2) Favorite things to do eg.

  • Riding my bicycle
  • Skate boarding
  • Climbing trees
  • Watching TV

3) My favorite animal

  • Monkey
  • Zebra
  • Cow etc.

4)  My favorite colour

5) My favorite piece of clothing

6) My Favorite Book

7) My favorite Super Heroes

8) My Favorite things in my bedroom

9) My favorite people. Could be teacher, mum etc.

10) My favorite number

11) My favorite name

12) My favorite dog